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Why Indigo Home?

Indigo Home is a design-driven, people centered firm focused on the creative, emotionally appealing process that turns a dream home into reality. Not one home lives, breathes and functions alike. We believe that our unique vision, trust and determination lead to magical results for all to see. Indigo Home exists to impact the world in a positive way by crafting innovative and purposeful homes through a tried-and-true holistic experience.

Whether selling, building or designing, we’re here to bring forth creative and harmonious solutions to help turn your dream home into reality. Contact us today to get started!


Our Sales Expertise

With the fast paced changes in the real estate market and the challenges that come with them, we rise to meet the moment. Indigo Home represents 20+ years experience representing sellers of luxury properties with a focus on new construction. We know that selling a home is both an art and a science.

Marketing is key. Our marketing team will create a custom-designed marketing campaign targeted toward the precise buyers of the type of homes that you build – expertly presented with market penetration across multiple social media channels. Gorgeous print collateral, event planning and our extensive network of Compass Brokers worldwide all coalesce to elevate your projects.

We’ll present the best strategy for selling your project quickly and for the highest possible price.

Throughout our time together, you can expect unprecedented support and guidance. We endeavor to become an integral part of your working team.

Never afraid of a challenge, we embody an entrepreneurial spirit and love for the queen city. Let our reputation for outstanding representation work for you.


Our Design Services

We offer Residential Design Services specifically tailored to builders of new construction for the purpose of resale in the residential real estate market. Fusing trending design elements with timeless appeal, we work with numerous Charlotte area home builders from beginning to final sale. We work with each builder to customize a Design/Sell Plan that makes the most sense for their unique project.

Through our years of working directly with buyers and sellers and listening to their needs, we’ve gained the experience to advise on home elements and features that attract the most buyers, and command the highest sale price.

Our design aesthetic is best characterized as organic - with elements that are fresh and appealing to local home buyers. We design with a clear style imprint for every individual builder that sets each home apart, so no two projects look the same.

From Craftsman to Modern and everything in between, projects by Indigo Home consistently sell for the highest prices.

With a reputation for excellence, originality and creative expression, your projects will be elevated to reflect the leading edge in Charlotte Residential Design.

Every princess needs her castle, and knowing that design lives in
the details, we created one that incorporates a crisp monochromatic
aesthetic with fluid transitions so entertaining friends and family
(royalty!) is a breeze. The details speak for themselves. This 5000 SF
home is equally suitable for one as it is for many.

Craftsman design takes many forms, and here we worked with moody
colorways evoking warmth and hospitality in a grand, open design.
Flex spaces were carefully considered and the finish details gives this
home an overall collected feeling.

In a nod to the farmhouse genre, we set about creating a very
design-forward vibe incorporating cheerful light blues paired with rich
gold and bright white. The buyers describe this home as happy and
cheerful and appreciate the playful, custom details throughout

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Indigo Home exists to impact the world in a positive way by crafting innovative and purposeful homes through a tried-and-true holistic experience. Want to make your dream home a reality? Contact Indigo Home today!